Dennis Smith

Dennis started square and round dancing in 1974 with the Hilltop Hoedowners at Montana State University in Bozeman, Montana. He started teaching and cueing round dances in 1976 for the Road Runners of Portland, Oregon. He has cued for a number of clubs in the Portland/Vancouver area: Road Runners, Hayloft Rounders, Fun Lovers, B Sharps, Good Times, Dates and Mates, Happy Rounders, Happy Hoppers, Classic Dancers, and Buzzin' Bees. He has taught and cued at festivals in Oregon, Washington, and Alaska. He chaired the Round Dance Committees for the 1986 summer festivals in both Oregon and Washington. He has cued at several National Square Dance Conventions. He was Director of Trail-In and Trail-End Round Dances for the 1994 National Square Dance Convention held in Portland, Oregon. He was Director of Programmed Rounds for the 54th National Square Dance Convention held in Portland, Oregon, in 2005. He has held offices in several organizations: Road Runners (Vice President, President), North Willamette Callers and Cuers Association (Cuer Coordinator, Treasurer, President), Oregon Round Dance Teachers Association (Vice Chairman, Chairman). Dennis is a Charter Member of the Oregon Round Dance Teachers Association. He is a member of the International Association of Round Dance Teachers (ROUNDALAB) and was awarded their Maestro Trophy in 2001 for teaching 25 or more years.

Elaine started dancing in 1991. She has been Dennis' soul mate, wife, and dance partner since 1997.

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